My Top 10 Must-Haves Fall 2012

What do we need this fall?

1. Let’s start with: collars! Any kind of collars: lace collars, studded collars, diamond collars, pearl collars, necklace collars or just simple collars.

2. Red & Black or Black & Red

3. Leather on leather, no I’m not joking!

Some classy examples:

Black & red again! 🙂

4. Peplum will still be hot, I love those cute peplum tops.
What about a red peplum top & leather pants?

(if anyone feels like buying me a present, I don’t mind it to be those Balmain leather pants)

Or this one (check the black & red again):

5. A Denim Shirt

6. Something Yellow..

even better with blue marine.

7. A Printed Jacket, any kind will do. I have a crush on the quilted ones. My favorites:

8. Crosses.

9. Head, Hand & Ear Pieces

10. Last, but not least: these shoes (zara). N°1 on my wishlist:

(Excusez-moi les Frenchies, pas de traduction pour ce post.)

Leave your comment 🙂


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